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  • Aerostats

    An aerostat is an inexpensive and efficient way to raise a payload in the sky.Aerostats are quite insensitive to weather and work equally well in both tropical and arctic climates. Read More
  • Airships

    Lindstrand USA builds airships, or blimps as they are commonly referred to, for a specific end use.Since the design and manufacture is carried out in house, airships of almost any size can be built to the client's requirements. Read More
  • Inflatable Buildings

    Lindstrand inflatable buildings are advanced portable structures that are widely used in both civil and military applications.These structures are self-supporting and self-erectable by means of an air fan only with no need for foundation, hardware or guy wires. Read More
  • AV Domes

    AV Domes, or Audiovisual Domes, are inflatable projection spheres that are made for high definition video projection.The AV Dome can be installed in hours and its surface gives a 360° seamless, high definition video projection. Read More
  • Special Projects

    With unique production and testing facilities, the Lindstrand Team has accomplished a series of world record-breaking projects and has developed products for space applications.We also built the world's largest aerostat, featured at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Read More
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Lindstrand at IAAPA 2012



Lindstrand USA is home to some of the most advanced lighter-than-air vehicles and inflatable structures in the world.

Founded by Per Lindstrand – legendary balloonist and award-winning aeronautical engineer – Lindstrand USA is internationally acclaimed for innovation, engineering excellence, and achievement in the manufacture of aerostats, airships, and high-tech inflatable structures.

With a perfect safety record and designs certified in 48 countries, Lindstrand USA is renowned for its quality standards. Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as a Design and Production Organization, all stages of production – from design to manufacture to quality control – take place in house with almost no limitations on design geometry.

We specialize in air-cell, drop-stitch and super-pressure technologies. With unique production and testing facilities, and spirit of innovation and adventure inherent to Lindstrand Team, the company has accomplished a series of record-breaking projects and has developed products for space applications.

Lindstrand's world's largest aerostat was the star of the Opening Ceremonies at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

The 80m by 40m and 12m high aerostat is a unique piece of technology that is mounted with cameras to provide a 360-degree viewing experience so every person in the stadium could view the entire effect of the aerostat and laser projections. Light fixtures with mirrors were attached to the underbelly of the balloon to emit a warm glow.